1. 06 Indiana

Jeff Cannon: Vocals and acoustic guitar
David Dick: Banjo
Alex Weiss Hills: Piano
Roger Williams: Dobro
Susan Anderson: Fiddle
Ron Kadish: Upright Bass
Jamey Reid: Hand percussion
Recorded 2019, Jake Belser/Primary Sound, Bloomington, IN; Lorne Entress/Harmony Street, Tolland, CT; Roger Williams, Glastonbury, CT.
JDC: For all its complex realities, Indiana represents for me the blank slate, the fresh start we all imagine we will find in our next frontiers.


If I could draw the sharp and crooked lines,
Of trails that I have followed,
You might just think to chase a western sky,
Can only lead to sorrow,
I towed the line for 12 wicked years,
Slave to the factory was not the life for me.
We started on this trip across the land
In northern Massachusetts,
We’ve come 11 weeks and here we stand:
Our 16-man communion,
Some are just children, some are alone,
Some bring a family,
And we have all escaped from a world
Where you don’t have room to breathe,
And we’re bound for Indiana.
Ah, another sunrise,
Hey, look at my hopes rise,
I wonder what’s ahead
Across the mountains,
Though these nights are getting longer,
Our union’s getting stronger,
See we know of Indiana,And it’s somewhere out ahead,
They say the land is open to the sky,
The soil as rich as Eden,
The people have a simple grace inside,
And ah, that voice of reason,
Tell anyone who’s dying inside,
Tell everyone you see…
That if they want escape from a world
Where they don’t have room to breathe,
They might try Indiana,
The heart loves Indiana,
Ah, Indiana.