Jeff Cannon: Vocals and acoustic guitar
Alex Stradal: Cello
Recorded 2019, Jake Belser/Primary Sound, Bloomington, IN; Alex Stradal, Nashville, TN.
JDC: Remembrance Day is about the deep need we all have to hold what we have lost in our memories, to keep alive what has come and gone in our worlds. I think Remembrance is maybe the most important key to our ability to move forward.


Remembrance Day
Once I was a true believer, and you were the only way,
Back when life was free and easy,
We laughed on Remembrance Day,
Our time is gone,
But memories in my mind,
They soldier on,
Now and then I hear you sing
From the shadows of the moon,
But the sun is out today,
You’re laughing on Remembrance Day.
“No goodbyes,” you said that night,
But that wasn’t true at all,
For just like the summer days,
The end came calling,
And no one could stop the fall,
When love dies in a storm,
You find its pieces scattered day and night,
It’s a world of circles, so many times I’ve said goodbye,
But today I came here searching for you,
On Remembrance Day.
Burning with the sun,
Hiding in the moon,
Where does love go when it’s gone too soon?
It isn’t wrong to say I’ll always love you,
Ah, Remembrance Day.