“13 Questions is an album that feels absolutely epic in scope…Cannon’s eclectic style is able to pull disparate influences and styles from the whole of twentieth century music, establishing an unmistakably twenty-first century sound…Simply a fantastic album.” --James McQuiston, Neufutur Magazine

" ... be willing to swim in deep waters when playing this album, and I promise you'll come out on the other side safe and sound, possibly enlightened, and most importantly, entertained." -- Music Emissions

"... 13 Questions transcends a simple raison d’etre—this is an album with a heart; a mind and a soul ... If you want music that stirs your insides and demands that you think; pick this up and find 13 answers of your own." -Christopher West, Skope Magazine 

"13 Questions is an amazing album." -- Brian Lush, RockWired Magazine

"13 Questions could not be more revealing and more narrative ... Cannon is a true storyteller." --Melissa Kucirek, Suite 101