Jeff Cannon: Vocals and acoustic guitar
Alex Weiss Hills: Accordion and Piano
Roger Williams: Dobro
Ron Kadish: Upright Bass
Recorded 2019, Jake Belser/Primary Sound, Bloomington, IN; Roger Williams, Glastonbury, CT.
JDC: When loss hits hard it seems to open us up not just to pain but also to our possibilities, and even to love itself. When I feel pain my eyes open a little wider, reach out a little more. Maybe that's an important part of what drives us all to love.


Love at the Funeral
You stole my eye,
Studied the gates,
Threatening to break inside.
It was an act of rebellion
Scratching my skin,
Just rows from the body
In state at the funeral,
Your echolocation left no place to run
From the pain in your eyes and the need,
But that’s where I want to be,
‘Cause you are beautiful,
A sign of love at the funeral.
I’m lost outside,
Bones on a ledge,
Hiding the rest inside.
It melts you down from the future
Down from the core
Death and its shockwaves
And tidal destruction

It’s high tea for second-line poets and takers
Love be a safe house tonight
Love make these dark hearts right,
They could feel beautiful,
And find love at the funeral.
Back in the cell, I'm going under,
Down in the well, for wishing and for
Breaking down, Yes I'm breaking down,
While you're on the ledge outside,
So break inside,
Under the skin,
That’s where you set things right.
And when you crash through the walls
I will bow and surrender,
Fill up my lungs with the smoke from your fire,

Listen for teardrops,
Search all your heavens
I will do all of these things,
That’s how I want to be,
‘Cause they are beautiful.
They are beautiful,
Signs of love at the funeral,
Yeah, they’re beautiful,
And I want to be beautiful too.