Jeff Cannon: Vocals and acoustic guitar
Duncan Watt: Piano
Jerry Gregoire: Bass
Recorded 1995, My Other Hat Studio, Swampscott, Mass.
JDC: A song about the growing desperation and immediacy of consumerism inspired by the shift to by Native American reservations toward gambling as a primary means of revenue support. Time used to stand for progress and future possibility. It now more commonly refers to disappearing opportunity.


Father Time
Father time has left the family,
Now he's married to the mob,
He lost his patience slowly,
And then he lost his job,
Over thousands of years of father time,
This is all that remains,
Of your single proudest moment,
And your worst growing pains,
Do you lie awake wondering why,
And where the hell is father time?
Today I saw old father time
Having coffee with his new gods,
There's a laptop computer and headset phone,
For checkin' out the latest odds,
He's got a two o'clock with the sandman,
'Cause he's always free for lunch,
And by five he's on the blackjack table,
Makin' love to his latest hunch,
Look at the fear in his eyes,
That man was father time.
Somebody strike a match and let it fly,
The whole joint is burning,
Breathe the smoke inside,
Now you've lost your innocence,
Bring back father time.
So I asked him for a reason,
Something I could understand,
He said, "They don't keep track of time no more,
and that's why I got canned.
With so many hungry voices,
Who'll never have their day,
If they don't believe their choices,
They'll just take the shortest way.
Step to the end of the line,
I'm no longer father time."
Somebody strike a match and let it fly,
Can you leave it burning,
Breathe the smoke inside?
Will you lose your patience,
Just like father time?
Me I want to build it slowly,
And I want to make it last,
But when I try to seize the moment,
It seems the moment just went past,
Under the lights of a big casino,
With a wild look in his eyes,
Stands another slave to hunger,
It's hard to believe
This madman once was father time.