1. 104 True

Jeff Cannon: Vocals and acoustic guitar
Jamey Reid: Drums
Jack Helsley: Bass
Dan Lodge-Rigal: Piano
Recorded 1999, Airtime Studio, Bloomington, IN.
JDC: A version of the adage that to find happiness one must first be true to oneself.


I swam the raging waters, but not this time,
No matter what the sign says,
I burned the marching orders, one and all,
And watched a city fall,
Now the next time I'll be on my side,
And on that lazy river ride,
To mine own self I'll be, I'll be true.
I smashed the family compass, It's just as well,
It took me straight to hell and back,
I made myself a promise, if I lost that game,
I'd proudly take the blame,
With my new shirt on, my new shirt on,
I'm taking a chance that the waters are gone,
But if they break on through I'll be true.

Like a rosebush losing petals in the rain,
I sit and wait until it's done,
I suppose that second nature can be trained,
So I'll start following the sun,
Yeah, yeah, I'll start following the sun.
So long to raging waters, and how 'bout you?
Do you know what to do? And are you the devils daughter?
Or are you true? And can we make it through?
With two calm hands, two solid hearts,
Where two rivers meet and then flow apart,
Where two times one is still two I'll be true.